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Safewalls Cirque poster project + Trifecta gallery • 07.31.11

firstimage Safewalls Cirque poster project + Trifecta gallery

detail01 Safewalls Cirque poster project + Trifecta gallery

detail03 Safewalls Cirque poster project + Trifecta gallery

detail02 Safewalls Cirque poster project + Trifecta gallery

Well, this project was certainly different and fun! Safewalls asked a variety artists to create original art posters inspired by specific Cirque du Soleil shows… mine is based on the show KA. This is 1st Cirque I’ve ever seen and it was pretty awe inspiring, I was most impressed by the dancers and performers. I began working on it the same night I saw the show.. while it was still fresh in my mind. For my piece, I adopted the technique I used in my alice and wonderland theme illustration as shown here ~ using ink and graphite.

If you happen to be in Las Vegas this week,  there will be an opening Thursday Aug 4th @ Trifecta Gallery with the posters on display and silk screen print signing. I’ll be in attendance with Casey Weldon, see his piece here. Every month, a new poster is revealed by another artist! some of the past can be seen on the Look forward to seeing what comes next! :)

Posted : July 31, 2011

5 Comments : “Safewalls Cirque poster project + Trifecta gallery”

  1. muy hermoso

  2. avatar Kar-Wai says:

    This has such a pretty, dreamy feel–I wish I had more sophisticated compliments to give, but I guess simply put, it’s beautiful Amy :)

  3. avatar Jasmine says:

    OMG Amy thats gorgeous!! I never saw KA but saw Alegria many years ago and loved it. We also saw the special Christmas on they had at Madison Square Garden whose name escapes me now. I always want to see more though these days it might be harder to get out. I missed O when I was out your way back in 06 because we were strapped for cash because of the wedding. If I ever get out there one day I am definitely seeing that one. So lovely!

  4. avatar Kelly says:

    Eeeek Amy this is gorgeous!! I’ve always wanted to see a Cirque De Soliel show but have never had the chance! I love your interpretation of it – and thanks for the link to the others. My BF loves Josh Agle so have a feeling we’ll be ordering some of these posters for ourselves :)

    P.S Do you know Julie Vivas’ work? This reminds me of it in the nicest possible way.
    I swear her illustrations are a part of every Australian kid’s childhood :)

  5. avatar U says:

    Love these tones