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Wild At Heart ♥ Thinkspace Gallery + Born Free USA • 05.20.12

 Wild At Heart ♥ Thinkspace Gallery + Born Free USA

sketchcomplete Wild At Heart ♥ Thinkspace Gallery + Born Free USA

almost finished Wild At Heart ♥ Thinkspace Gallery + Born Free USA

full image + detail {photo taken in natural daylight}, graphite drawing in progress, painting &  tinting w/gouache. “Golden Cay” 10×14 graphite & gouache on cotton watercolor paper

Above is a new illustrated piece titled “Golden Cay”  which will be in theme group exhibition + benefit “Wild at Heart” which takes place { this } Saturday May 26th @ Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, CA. ~ Postcard ~

Thinkspace in collaboration with Born Free USA  presents “Wild at Heart: Keep Wildlife in the Wild,” an exhibition to raise awareness about the precarious predicament of wild creatures around the world & to benefit efforts to protect them in their natural habitat.{Press release }

Co-curated by Amanda Erlanson Andrew Hosner. For more information or inquiries

Posted : May 20, 2012

5 Comments : “Wild At Heart ♥ Thinkspace Gallery + Born Free USA”

  1. avatar Ashley says:

    Love your art…it’s so dream like! Your pieces are always so calming and soothing.
    How long does it take you usually to complete a piece?

    • avatar Amy Sol says:

      Thankyou! This piece took about a week ~ from the study to the final piece. It’s not easy to predict how long a piece will take to finish, especially when experimenting or trying out new techniques { which I often do } When there is a deadline, I try to give myself as much time as possible :)

  2. avatar Mashi says:

    Oh my God, you are so good!~ I’m sure you hear that every day, but really, Gosh, you are so amazing.

  3. avatar Leigha says:

    Looks So Beautiful Amy! Just share it on the page :)

  4. avatar Don Flores says:

    Wonderful Illustration! Thanks for showing a bit of the process

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