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Ornament making ♥ • 12.13.13

Blog 1060407 Snapseed Ornament making ♥

Blog 1060869 Ornament making ♥

Blog 1060871 Ornament making ♥

Blogphoto 5 Ornament making ♥

Blogphoto 11 Ornament making ♥

Blogphoto 2 Ornament making ♥

blogphoto 3 Ornament making ♥

Made these 3 figures for a fun little ornament show at Thinkspace gallery this weekend.

Really discovered a new love for working with 3 dimensional shapes.. I never thought I’d enjoy it so much, until trying.. happy to have the opportunity to do fun things like this to step outside my normal routine. Really hope to make more of these someday :)

“Birdie” “Uni~Deer” & “Dragon”

Paper Mâché clay
Stainless steel ( interior mesh )
Gesso & acrylic
* All archival materials, UV varnish

- – -

Holiday Ornament Group Show
‘Deck The Halls’

Saturday, December 14, 2013
6:00pm – 9:00pm
{ In the project room }

As a special holiday feature, Thinkspace is pleased to announce Deck the Halls, featuring unique holiday ornaments by the gallery’s roster of artists.

Featuring new works from:
Allison Sommers, Amy Sol, Ana Bagayan, Bumblebee, Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker, Dabs Myla, Ellliot Jackson, Erica Rose Levine, Erik Siador, Ghostpatrol, Glenn Arthur, Jeremy Hush, Kelly Vivanco, Leontine Greenberg, Nosego, Pam Glew, Sarah Joncas, Scott Radke, Timothy Karpinski and Yosuke Ueno.

*  The works will only be available for purchase in person at the gallery. See here for directions.

Posted : December 13, 2013

4 Comments : “Ornament making ♥”

  1. avatar Cocco says:

    Beautiful ♡

  2. avatar Tammie says:

    these are amazingly dear and charming.
    you are so gifted at the arts you make!
    thank you for sharing the with us.

    lovely holidays to you ~

  3. avatar Rein says:

    Oh my gosh, they’re gorgeous!
    How do you make paper mache clay, Amy?

    • avatar Amy Sol says:

      Thanks, I used a clay which is already prepared for these. You can find the paper clay at most art stores! :)

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