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baby tattooville and lots of stuff • 10.10.08

wow!! i had a good time :) :)
i didn’t get a chance to go through the goodie bag from the event until i got home last night. i dumped everything out on my table and OH MY…

i couldn’t fit all the goods into one camera shot but here are my favs.
image01 baby tattooville and lots of stuff

i feel really lucky to have been invited.. every one was sooo friendly and the whole experience was a treat.
i honestly expected to be burnt out afterward, because i sometimes feel that way after being around lots of people – but the affect was opposite.
the entire event was very laid back yet somehow vivid. i left feeling rejuvenated and inspired. i give the whole weekend an A ++ i only wish it lasted a little longer! now i cant wait till next year!

photos can be found @ vinyl pulse, arrested motion, jeff soto’s blog, dailydujour, and check with babytattooville for photos from andrea bricco

Posted : October 10, 2008

4 Comments : “baby tattooville and lots of stuff”

  1. avatar arisu says:

    lots of goodies indeed! seems to be interesting n fun

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    you got Mirabell! thanks for posting the links, I haven’t looked through all the pictures yet!

  3. avatar Marcus Lo says:

    i want to see all the sketches you got!

  4. avatar Tan says:

    Amy! Look at all your goodies. But I think the best goodie from the show was a drawing from you! Thanks again for taking the time spend give us all a little attention @ Baby T-ville! It was an honor to see you draw in person. Can’t wait to see your upcoming show at Mondo Bizzaro, cause your illustrative work will be a good change of pace.
    Take care,